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How to measure DataUnlocker's impact?

DataUnlocker is generally a proxy service which provides an informative Dashboard page to explore what was proxied and when. However, this may still not answer the question of, for example, how many users were really "unblocked".

Because no proxy can tell exactly what was the result of the request sent to the target servers, DataUnlocker rather provides you with additional features which help you to measure the impact in your third-party services directly.

Currently, DataUnlocker has implemented an additional feature for Google Analytics to measure how much traffic was proxied through DataUnlocker, on the hit level.

Click the links below to go to specific instructions for measuring DataUnlocker's impact:

Setting up these measuring features is optional and does not guarantee to cover 100% of all proxied traffic, as some ad blockers do not block "hits" to which DataUnlocker applies this custom dimension, for instance blocking just third-party JavaScript files from different trackers. Despite this, you can expect to have a pretty good idea about which portion of traffic was blocked.

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