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Discover more valuable users and fix your web browser-based reporting accuracy with minimal efforts.

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How Content Blockers Can Harm Your Business?

Missing insights at early stages

When your product is just getting started out, every single user matters. So does the data about how they interact with your product.

Communication image
Communication image

Missing data in reports

Almost certainly, your monthly reports have a noticeable gap when compared to front-end analytics & BI tools. This gap can vary from 10% to 40%!

By making your website or web application content blockers-proof, you can start to rely on your analytics and business intelligence tools again.

Missing tech-savvy audience

Young and tech-oriented audience can convert better, espesially if it's your target audience. According to PageFair, up to one third of Internet users have content blockers installed!

As a result, you can end up building things for the user groups who are the least interesting to you.

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Communication image

Because it's simply unfair

User's desire to have the ad-free experience can be explained and mitigated. However, blocking analytics is like cracking a software, disallowing developers to make wise decisions regarding their product.

How It Works

Ad blockers can block requests or responses which match certain patterns.
provider.com >> Set-Cookie: _ga=...;
We simply wrap, hide and proxy all observable patterns, thus avoiding any blacklists:
This is way much more complex solution than just wrapping URLs and proxying requests.
However, we narrowed it down to require the minimum possible setup from you:
Set up DNS or URL proxy
You will need a unique subdomain or pathname to use it as a proxy to our servers. The easiest way is to add any CNAME record:
random.yourdomain.com → dataunlocker.com
If you can't manage DNS, there's another option:
yourdomain.com/random → dataunlocker.com
Add a script to your pages
We will ask you to place our script in front of all other scripts on your pages.
  const d = 'random.yourdomain.com'; ...
This allows to keep your existing code without any changes and control blocked requests.
You're all set!
No degradation
Only blocked traffic is affected by this setup
(which was obviously blocked already)
50K page views for free1
Verify it works for you before paying
Pay only for unblocked traffic
We charge only for recovering ad blockers harm


Just $1 per 50,000 unblocked page views1.
I.e. just $4 per 1,000,000 page views1 given 20% ad blocking rate
Your first 10,000 unblocked page views are FREE!
I.e. your first 50,000 page views1 are free.
🍔's price!
Free Tier
  • Giant free quota for small websites
  • Unlimited number of properties
  • Buy more quota when you need it
  • Or run open-sourced prototype for free
  • Unlimited number of properties
  • Developer support 2
  • Test it within free quota: no payment!
  • Pay-as-you-go after free quota
$1 per 50K unblocked pages
Billed per megabyte of proxied bandwidth 1
  • Configured for your business needs
  • Support & development priority
  • Advanced automation solutions to avoid landing in filtering lists
* Pricing is a subject to change before the public release.
1 $1 per 2Gb of proxied traffic. 1 page view is assumed to be ≈ equal to the original GTM + GA scripts transfer over the network. Only proxied ("unblocked") traffic is billable.
2 Some of your third-party tools aren't unblocked out-of-the-box? We can take a look.

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