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DataUnlocker concepts

DataUnlocker is a (fully managed) Software-as-a-Service platform for websites and web applications which restores network request that are failing because of client's content blocking software like ad blockers, networking problems or any other reasons. Typically, DataUnlocker is installed on websites for analytics tools like Google Analytics to also collect analytics data of ad blocker users, which is not collected normally because most ad blockers block data collection requests out-of-the-box.

Simply put, DataUnlocker is a (smart) reverse proxy service, which proxies blocked network requests of web applications "under the hood". Thus, it allows end services like Google Analytics to get previously blocked data, and a web application to receive a desired response, like it wasn't blocked.

From the web application's code perspective, no changes are needed. DataUnlocker requires a single-time installation only, with very minimal possible maintenance.

Because DataUnlocker is an "invisible" proxy layer by design, here are some other things it can do:

  • Increase your marketing ROI to up to 60% if your audience is a tech sector, which aggresively uses ad blockers.
  • Get better lead conversion, ad performances and better attribution measures.
  • Some ads unblocked, out-of-the-box. While ads are usually blocked by their HTML code (which DataUnlocker has nothing to do with), some may start being visible, as now blocked requests to ad services can also be proxied. Need to proxy iframe content? You can request this feature, as well as other features. Note that unblocking ads is not an intended use of DataUnlocker.
  • Easy but advanced control over what exactly DataUnlocker will proxy and how.
  • (coming soon - please express your interest if you want this to be prioritized) Out-of-the-box CORS support, meaning that you will be able to proxy resources from other websites or APIs that prohibit or don't support CORS, without any code changes in your web application.
  • Different features of proxied services are included: for example, in Google Analytics, you can tell DataUnlocker to mark recovered hits with a custom dimension. Later, you can use Google Analytics to analyze how many ad blocker users were recovered.

DataUnlocker works for all browser ad blocker extensions like uBlock Origin, uBlock, AdBlock Plus, AdBlock, AdGuard, Ghostery, uMatrix and others. It is also able to bypass built-in features in browser like DuckDuckGo or Firefox, which also block analytics collection by default.

Read more about how DataUnlocker works in the next section.

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