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DataUnlocker's mission

DataUnlocker's mission is to help websites and web applications in fixing broken functionality or data analytics problems caused by content blocking software.

  • ⛔ DataUnlocker doesn't fight ads.
  • 🔎 DataUnlocker respects users privacy and does not read nor store proxied data.
  • 📀 DataUnlocker is like server-side analytics, which is useless to block. However, thousand times less engineering efforts required to use DataUnlocker rather than custom server-side solutions.

Many companies which rely on data analytics solutions nowadays face and have to solve the data inconsistency problem, which is caused by ad blockers and other content blocking software blocking a portion of their website data analytics traffic. Thus, instead of using, for instance, Google Tag Manager or Google Analytics, these companies have to build custom, server-side analytics solutions which require a lot of engineering effort by basically doing the same thing which is now offered by DataUnlocker as a fully managed service.

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