DocumentationFAQWhat DataUnlocker stores about my website?

What DataUnlocker stores about my website?

DataUnlocker does not store anything more than what you can see in the DataUnlocker Admin. Additionally,

  • DataUnlocker does not store proxied requests content, with the exception of the last proxied request with 4xx or 5xx response codes, for the purpose of displaying it in the user interface and improving our service by aggregating request failure statistics across our customers.
  • DataUnlocker does not log the contents nor headers of proxied requests, and doesn't store logs for more than 3 days.
  • DataUnlocker stores aggregated data about how many requests were proxied, their status code counts and traffic, for the purposes of displaying it in the user interface and counting traffic. DataUnlocker may aggregate this data across all properties to understand for which third-party services we can improve our service.
  • DataUnlocker will never advertise the usage of DataUnlocker within your property (website, web application) without the prior communication and an agreement from your side.
  • See our privacy policy for more information.
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